Science teaches so many important lessons for children during their toddler and preschool years. As early childhood educators, we see the value in this subject and choose to make it a part of every single day in our classrooms. Simple activities such as planting seeds, collecting rocks, measuring tree growth or exploring the chaos that comes from mixing oil and water can create endless conversations we can have with children about the world we live in. Through science activities we see that things don’t always happen overnight and sometimes require patience and care; a lesson children can carry with them into adult years.

With the conversations that stem from these science activities, we can teach children to think outside the box and not simply accept things at face value. When they see something incredible they will learn to question how it become that way instead of look past it.

Some easy ways to create science activities and conversations at home:

  • Use empty water bottles to create “science bottles” by mixing things like water, oil, glitter, food coloring… etc. Make sure to glue the lids shut to avoid messes!
  • Plant a garden and if age appropriate; make it your child’s responsibility to check the garden daily and water it. Talk about their discoveries and observations as things start to sprout!
  • Take time to go on walks and explore. Talk about what you see and why things are the way they are, their thoughts might surprise you!
  • Be conscious about the literature and entertainment choices presented to your children. There are lots of incredible science books and TV shows centered on science for preschool age children!