Our Summer curriculum is all about a Pirate Journey to find the Treasure! We will learn about different sea creatures, tons of science projects and Facts about different Island that they visit.

 Week 1

Circle Time

Day 1: Is all about preparing for their trip. Classrooms will make a classroom Pirate Flag.

Day 2: The Pirate Ships were governed by their own laws, called Articles, which were agreed between the pirate crew and the captain. So teacher you being the Captains of your classroom and they are the crew. Pirate Code Allow children to think about different codes (rules) that they should follow. Then write them on a poster board to post up all summer all.

Day 3:To be prepared for your journey you will need supplies discuss what different items they think we will need to have.
Activity Stick:  Get 10 to 20 craft stick write out different movements on to the craft sticks. Have children pick one stick at a time and then the whole class do the movement together.
Day 4:Teachers will talk to your children about what a compass is and why we use them.

Day 5:  Teachers will make a Treasure Chest. As the summer moves along you use this chest to hold your clues through out the summer.

 Language: Ahoy! – “Hello!“ Avast! – Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, “Whoa! Get a load of that!” which today makes it more of a “Check it out” or “No way!” or “Get off!”

Math: Measuring Swords -Card Stock -Card Board -Aluminum Foil
Make 5 different swords various lengths and allow children to measure them with a ruler.

Building Area: Painters Tape Start off by taping down double lines for roads and make a grid on carpet. Then allow children to fit blocks into different patterns in the grid or they can build a city.

Book: How I Became a Pirate By: Melinda Long David Shannon


Day 1:Pirate Flag

Day 2: Pirate Hat

Day 3:  Spyglass

Day 4: Compass & Pirate Patches

Day 5:Treasure Chest and Treasure Map

Movement: Hock Toss -Red Solo Cups 5 -Wire Hangers 5 -Foil Make the hock part out of wire hangers and push them through the bottom of the solo cup. Make sure and leave enough of the hanger in the inside of the cup so the hocks will not fall out. Wrap the foil on the outside hanger hock part. Then glue the cup rim on to a cardboard. Make sure the hock part is facing upwards when you glue them to the cardboard. Allow children to toss Pipe Cleaner Rings to try to make it on the hocks.

Movement: Capture the Pirate Flag Divide the kids into two teams, each with their own flag and own “island.” The pirates then hide their pirate flag somewhere on their island. The goal is to find the opposing flag and bring on to your team’s island. If one pirate carrying the flag is tagged by an opposing pirate, he is sent to a designated deserted island where a friendly tag from his own teammates rescues him. First team to get the opposing team’s flag onto their own island wins.

Sensory: Milk Carton Ships, Sand Treasure Hunt and Exploding  Treasure Chests.

Music:  If you’re a pirate and you know it, swab the deck (swish, swish), 5 Pirates on a Treasure Chest, The One-Eyed Pirate, Ten Little Pirates,This Old Pirate

Cooking: Jell-O Ship Cups

Book: Don’t Eat the Teacher! By Nick Word

Week 2

Circle Time:

Day 8: Teachers will place a picture of a Shark in the Treasure Chest. On the back of the photo write out Shark Route. Then look at the Treasure map to find Shark Route.

Bean Bag Activity: Place different colored paper in a quilt pattern on the floor to make a large square. Have children try to toss a Bean bags on to different colors that will add up to points.  Which every children wins will be Captain for the day.

Day 9 &10: Review Facts about Starfish

Day 11& 12: Review facts about Sharks.

Language: Aye! – “Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did.” Aye aye! – “I’ll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over.”

Math: Sorting Jewels -Large Bag of Gems -6 different colors of felt cut 6 in x 4 in
Drop out the Gems into a bowl and allow children to sort by color on to the felt squares.

Taste Testing Have all children taste Seaweed chips then graph if they liked them or not.

Building Area: Block Table -painters tape Take block from block center and turn them into a simple size matching tabletop game.


Day 8: Pirate Face

Day 9: Starfish and Ocean Waves

 Day 10: Pirate Ship and Puffy Paint

Day 11: Shark Craft

Day 12: Shark Hat and Shark Puppet

Movement: Capture the Pirate Flag Divide the kids into two teams, each with their own flag and own “island.” The pirates then hide their pirate flag somewhere on their island. The goal is to find the opposing flag and bring on to your team’s island. If one pirate carrying the flag is tagged by an opposing pirate, he is sent to a designated deserted island where a friendly tag from his own teammates rescues him. First team to get the opposing team’s flag onto their own island wins.

Movement: Canon Ball Pop game: For this game, place slips of paper inside white balloons that have skull and crossbones printed on them. On one or a few of the slips, write “Shiver me timbers! Booty fer ye!” and on the rest write “Begad! No booty fer ye!” Kids then pop the balloons and read the slips to see who has won the booty.

Movement: X Marks the Spot: Here’s a pirate twist on the traditional “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” party game. Make or buy a large map and add an “X” to mark the treasure spot. Blindfold your little pirates, spin them around, and have them attempt to place a treasure chest sticker on the X. The closest treasure chest wins.

Movement: Pass the Pirate’s Parrot Here’s one of those classic Pirate games. You’ll need: A stuffed parrot and pirate music in a music player you can stop randomly (played similar to Hot Potato). Gather kids in a circle and pass the Pirate’s parrot around while the music is playing. When the music stops the person with the parrot is out. Stop the music randomly to keep the game lively. Continue until there is only one person left that hasn’t held the Pirate’s parrot.

Sensory: Pirate Slime,  Pirate Play Dough,  Ocean sensory bags and Soapy Sea Foam.

  Music: Sail, Sail, Sail Your Ship,  When I was one I had some fun on the day I went to sea,  I am a Pirate–finger play, A Pirate went to Sea–song (sung to “A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea”).

Cooking: Star Fish Cookies

Book: Turtle Island By: Kevin Sherry

Week 3

Circle Time

Day 15: Mermaid clue: Place many different sea shells on in chest and a note saying Kangaroo Island.  Find the Cave for your next clue.
How many Letter are in your Name? Make a chart and then have children Paste their name one letter at a time to chart.

Day 16: How many Letter are in your Name?  Review this activity with your children. See who you remembered how may letters they have.
Review have about Sea Turtles

Day 17: Review have about Crabs

Day 18: Review have about Parrots

Day 19:Review one Fun Fact they remembered.

Language: Blimey! Used to express frustration. Bucko A friend.Language: Founder sink. Furner – a ship which be yer own, not one ye steal an’ plunder. Gangway! – Get out of the way.

Math: Seashell Pearl Sorting -White beaded necklace -10 seashells -sand -small bowl -sensory bin -felt tip marker 1. Write number from 1-10 on the seashells 2. Cut the necklace bead individual beads Allow children to place the beads into the shells based on the right number.

Movement: Under the Sea Limbo -Blue and Green Ribbons -Wooden Dowel 1. Decorate your dowel and allow the ribbons to hang from the stick. Two children to hold the dowel up on both ends. The other children to see how far they can go.  Play some under the sea music have fun.

Music: Bandana Dance Use bandanas as dancing scarves while playing different tempos of music. When you stop the music, the children freeze. Give instructions if you’d like about “how” to move: Walk the Plank (walk in a straight line) Hoist the Sails (wave the bandanas up and down as they squat down and jump up)

Movement: Musical Islands -6 Hula Hops Play like the game, Musical chairs. Set Hulu Hoops islands out around the room and play music and children have to hop island to island. Before you stop the music take away one hoop. Then stop the music and see who is on a island. Keep going till you are left with on hoop and who ever is on that island wins.

Building Area: Cardboard Construction -larger cardboard boxes To make your own cardboard construction play set, you will need a couple of large boxes. Cut off all top and bottoms flaps, as well as each side of the box to make several large flat pieces of cardboard. Next, cut out notches at either end of each pieces. To build structures, line up the notches however you’d like! Take them apart, build something new again and again. Once playtime is over, the play structures come apart and can be laid flat for east storage.


Day 16: Sea Turtle Art

Day 17: Plate Crab and Crab Handprints

Day 18:  Parrots Art

Day 19:  Paper Pulp Necklaces

Sensory: Salt Water Experiment,  Jell-O Ocean Sensory Bins and Beach Dough.

Music: PIRATE JACK, Pirates – sung to “This Old Man” This pirate, Bandana Dance and Compass Guide Poem

Cooking: Beach Pudding Cups

Book: My Very Own Octopus By: Bernard Most

Week 4

Circle Time

Day 22: Octopus Clue: Place a Picture card in chest and review what it says on back.
Group Activity: How tall are you? Take some Yarn and place against the wall and measure with yarn to see how is taller.

Day 23 & 24: Story Stones

Day 25 & 26: Review Octopus Fun Facts

Language: Starboard – the right hand side of a ship looking forward. Stay – a rope supporting a mast. Stern – the back rear of the ship

Language: Hull – The body of a ship, not including the masts and rigging. Jack Tar – Sailor Jolly Roger – The pirate flag – a white skull and crossbones on a black background.

Building Area: Pool Noodle Ramps Cut a Pool Noodle right done the center. Then inside holes of the noodles you will use as a ramp. Allow children to race marbles or small balls.


Day 22: Egg Carton Ships & Lemon Painting

Day 23:Pirate Puppet and Mermaid and  Pirate Hand Prints

Day 24: Octopus Counting

Day 25: Octopus Mobile

Day 26: Go Fishing Art

Math: Lock and Key Matching game Get as many locks as you can.  Before children arrive as school lock the lock through out the classroom. Introduce the game to the children and set out all the keys into different groups. Allow children to pick one key and try to find their lock that is out in the room.

 Sensory: Cork Ship, Ocean Slime, Shaving Cream and Ocean Sensory Bottle

Movement:  Ocean Animal Game -Card stock -masking tape 1. Print out the ocean animal action cards on colored cardstock. 2. Tape the cards on the floor. Try to spread them around the room so that you have space between each card for movement. 3. Start the movement activities!! There are several variations you can try depending on the level of your child.
– Start by walking around (or running) to each card with your child. When you get to a card, point to the picture, say the name of the ocean animal, read the action statement, and then demonstrate how your child can do the action stated. Have them copy you and then move to the next card.

Movement: Shark Fish Toss -8 to 10 paper plates -10 Pom Poms Cut triangle teeth along the inside then fold in half and place on the floor and allow children to toss pom poms into the teeth plates.


Book: My Very Own Octopus By: Bernard Most

Week 5

Circle Time:

Day 29 & 30:  Counting Gold
Use the piece below to make a treasure chest out of felt. Use the circle pattern to make 20 pieces of gold. Use the pieces with your felt board and the attached rhyme. Put the chest along with a varying number of coins on the chest. Say the rhyme and then call one of your children up to count the pieces of gold.

Movement: Pirate Yoga

Movement: Pool Noodle Seahorses -pool noddle’s -ribbon or yarn -felt -black felt tip marker children will race around the playground.

Language: Hands – Crewmen. Haven – A safe place.

Building Area: -Pieces of colorful paper -painter tape -poster board Pre-cut pieces of paper 3-small heart shapes 2-diamond shape 2-small triangles 1-big heart shape 1-half a circle 12-circles 1-rectangle 5-small triangle Then allow them to make different types of pictures by putting the shapes together on the poster board.

Math: Gold coin counting a lot children to match up right number with number of coins.

Art: Seahorse

Sensory: Lavender Scented Play Dough    Foam Letter Fishing Tank and Colored cooked Pasta.

Book: Mister Seahorse By: Eric Carle

Music:  SAW A SHIP ASAILING,  Pirates Stand up and suit the actions to the rhyme.