Here are a couple things to look out for this Month: Look for those Mothers Day Projects. And Pre-K Graduation Activities every school does things a little different so be on the watch. And Lastly sign up for Summer. I can’t express how much fun this summer is going to be DON’T MISS OUT!

 Circle Time: This month your children will be reviewing everything they have learned this year. Our Pre-K Teachers will prep a game called Alphabet Swat. This game allows teachers to see what letters they children have learned in a fun way. Another game is flashlight numbers and Musical Shapes. Towards the middle of the month the theme goes to Teddy Bears and Alphabet Bodies.

Math: Ice Cream File Folder Games

Sensory/Science: Alphabet Zen Garden, Ice Cream Sensory Play, Rainbow Rice Phonics, Bubble Water, Sand and Shell Match, Ice Cream Sensory Bin, Sponge Building, Water Play, Colored Cubes and Bear Counting.

Social Emotional Learning:

Week 1 and 2: Appreciating Talents

Week 3: Alphabet Shopping

Week 4: Family Matters

Week 5: Family Relationships


Good Morning Song

We’re glad you’re here today!

Number Song

Picked a Strawberry

Cherry ABC’s

I love Mommy

There are 7 days

Tongue Twister

5 Little Shells

Moving Teddy Bears

Hugs for Teddy’s

I am special

The Bear went up the Mountain

The Weather is a Funny Thing

and I have something in my Pocket.

Movement: Noodle Tag, Fruit Salad Parachute, Hide the Balls, Stormy Waters, Band-Aid Replay, Sponge Tag, Teddy Bear Hunt, Teddy Bear Picnic, Musical Chairs, Noddle Balance, Water Balloon Toss, Water Play, Melt Dance and Freeze Tag.

Art: Day and Night Project, Letter Match, Fruit Basket, Cherry Tree, Mother’s Day Craft, Shape Collages, Berry Painting, Dry Sand Art, Seashell Mosaic, Teddy Bear Art, Noodle Tracks, Sidewalk Painting, Eye Dropper Art, Shape Rubbing, Mud Painting, Berry Baskets, Squirts Art, Abstract Art and Impressionism Art.

Dramatic Play: Ice Cream Shop

Cooking Projects: Banana Donuts, Cherry Topped Cup Cakes, Fruit salad, Blueberry Muffin, Watermelon Pops, Pudding Graham Crackers Tarts, Mini S’mores and Chocolate Fondue.