Here is a Peak into March Curriculum.

Circle Time: Identifying items that start with letters V, W and X. Teachers will introduce the diamond shape, the color purple and the number 9. Towards the end of the month children will learn about Ladybugs, Bumble Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies


Math: Counting Rainbows, Lady Bug Math and Pattern Pillars.

Sensory/Science: Velcro Building, V is for Volcanos, Rainbow Bubbies, Scented Paint, Green Surprise, Spring Sensory Bin, Diamond Kites, Fuzzy Caterpillars, Xylophone Water Glasses, Bird Nest and Handmade Soap.

Social Emotional Learning:

Week 1:Good For Me (Celebrate personal accomplishments)

Week 2: Handling Fear (Learn strategies for handling scary things)

Week 3: Home Olympics (Organize Simple Athletic Events)

Week 4 and 5: Share Tactics (Learn to share and play fair)



Months of the Year

I love the letter V

I like the color Purple

Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Song

Rainbow Song

Wiggle Worm

This Old Earth

Here Today Song

The Sun Makes the Outside a warm Place to Play

Ten Little Fingers

Dance your Fingers Up

Who Took the Shamrock

Down on Grandpa’s

The Garden Plants the Seed

When the Numbers March Right In

Movement: Vegetable Soup Game, Cup Toss Game, Scarf Juggling, Kick It Fun, Songs and Dancing, Wonder Walk, W is for Wheelbarrows, Color Hop, Gold Coin race, Lucky Clover Twister, Diamond Game, Bumblebee Dance, Caterpillar Fun, Bunny Tag, Hot Potato, Garden Sprouts, Sticky Balls and Caterpillar Crawl.

Art: Vegetable Printing, Volcano Art, Purple Sun Catchers, Purple Grapes, Rainbow Color Art,  Wax Windows, Nature Walk Art, Snap Painting, Growing Hand Prints, Shamrock Tissue Craft, Leprechaun Hats, Lady Bug Paper Weights, Egg Carton Bee, X-Ray  Drawings, Feet Butterflies, Flower Craft and Crayon Letters.

Cooking: Veggie Fondue, Vanilla French Toast, Rainbow Pasta, Waffles Fun, Wheat Bread, Fruit Kebabs and Fresh Salsa Pitas.

Dramatic Play: Pizza Shop