First off I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season. I can’t believe how fast it went by. Well now we are in 2015! So Happy New Year my friends and let jump right into January!

Circle Time: Identifying items that start with letters P, Q, R and S. Teachers will introduce the color Pink and Heart shape and Number 7. Some fun facts they will be learning about are Pandas, Quails, Rabbits and Snakes. In the middle of the month children will learn about Postal worker and at the end of the month its all about Transportation. Wow what a way to start off the year.


Math: Beating Hearts, Truck Patterns and How many S’s can you find.

Building Area: Items that start with letters P, Q, R and S will be added to building area. By doing this child will learn through play.

Sensory/Science: Ice Play, Pudding Fun, Number 7 Sensory Box, Rock Sensory Play, Rice Table, Car Mechanic, Train Puzzle, Boat Science, Play Dough Fun, S is for Slime and S is for Sticky.

Social Emotional Learning:

Week 1 & 2: Safe Play

Week 3: Teasing is Tough

Week 4: Trying New Things

Week 5: Post Office


I’m a little Snowflake

Let’s make Color

There’s a little wheel

This Little Pig

Do you know the Pickle Man

Calendar Song

There are 7 Days

I’m Gonna Shake

There’s a little wheel

Dance your Fingers up

R is for Run

Wheels on the Bus

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar

Whether the Weather

Movement: Beating Hearts, Balloon Bounce, Matching Hearts, Quarter Toss, Heavy Lifting, Special Delivery, Balloon Catch, Ribbon Dancing,  R is for Roll, Bike Ride, Elbow Tag, Trains, Follow the Leader, Snake Dance, Catching Snakes and Simon says.

Cooking: Pancake Cooking, Cooking with Pink items, Cooking Heart Pretzel, Q is for Quesadillas, School Bus Cookies and Cookie Fun.

Dramatic Play: Hot Cocoa Stand

Well till next time Valley Girl!