During these hot summer days our toddlers and preschoolers can dehydrate so easily. Often little ones are so busy playing that stopping to take a drink does not cross their mind, putting them at a high risk of dehydrating.

Here’s some great ideas to keep little one’s safely hydrated during the hot Summer months.

  • When at home or in the car keep a cup accessible for your child at all times.
  • Make a habit of offering your child a drink as often as you get a drink.
  • Set a good example by choosing to drink water over sugary drinks, soda, juice or caffeine.

Encouraging children to make healthy choices with their liquid intake can be challenging as they are constantly surrounded by sugary options. You can make safety and hydration fun by combining some of the ideas we have listed below.

Explore different recipes for fruit infused water. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, cucumbers, mint leaves can all be combined to create flavorful combinations. Your child will love creating their own combination to enjoy during the day. Fruit infused water can serve as a great alternative to sugar juices!

It is recommended that toddlers and preschoolers get a minimum of 1.3 liters of fluid per day. For children who are older, set aside an empty milk carton for them to decorate and make their own using stickers, markers, ect. Create goal lines and use this container as a visual for how much water or liquid they need to consume through the day.

The benefits of water go beyond simply hydration. Teaching our children to be intentional about the amount of water they are drinking and to make wise choices about what they drink will lead to habits they will continue throughout their entire life.