At Valley Learning Center we understand the importance of age-appropriate education and its role in the success of your child’s growth and development. As children grow, it’s important to keep them consistently challenged and engaged with toys, games and activities that will keep their minds and bodies active. We offer a variety of developmentally-appropriate educational tools that will prepare your child for the challenges of kindergarten, grade school and beyond.

Our program for infants is based around warm and responsive care. We will enrich your baby’s development with safe toys, colorful books and music. This combination of visual, auditory and sensory stimulation combined with adequate rest is exactly what infants need to prepare them for toddlerhood.

As toddlers enter the stage of development where they begin to understand language, solve problems and think through actions, they thrive in safe, nurturing environments that are progressively filled with new experiences and stimuli, such as blocks, art projects and circle time. Parents of children in our toddler program receive daily progress reports on how their toddler is progressing.

At two-years old, children are ready to explore and discover the world around them. We provide an environment that sparks your child’s sense of discovery and creativity by providing a colorful, enriching environment full of educational toys and games. This is also the stage where children are introduced to self-directed activities that allow them to explore their own independence. We use activities like reading time, nursery rhymes and song to expand your child’s language skills and prepare them for preschool.

Choosing the right preschool for your child is incredibly important as this is a critical time in your child’s development. At Valley Learning Centers, each preschool space has been carefully design to inspire fun and learning at the same time. We create an atmosphere where your child can make friends and develop their own unique individuality.
If you’re interested in enrolling your child at one of your Valley Learning Center locations, contact us today to learn more about the special programs we offer.