What to look for when finding the right preschoolChoosing a right place for your child to learn and grow is no easy task! Here is a checklist to make this transition as smooth as possible!

  • Child’s Experience

What is the background and training of teachers and staff?
Does the childcare center abide by state regulations for ratios?
Is the educational philosophy one that will fit with your child?
Does the curriculum balance education and play appropriately?
What is the amount of time spent outdoors?
Is a significant amount of the day dedicated to physical fitness?
How are nutritious meals and snacks incorporated into your child’s everyday routine?

  • Equipment and Supplies

Has the childcare center provided developmentally appropriate educational tools and aids?
Does playground equipment meet federal and safety standards?
Have learning aids and furniture been designed for maximum comfort and learning?
Are detailed inspections and evaluations of the childcare facility performed before any piece of equipment is brought onto the premises?


  • Cleanliness

Does the center appear exceptionally clean, both inside and outside?
Are there established guidelines for sanitizing the diapering stations, bathrooms, kitchens, toys and
Does the staff sanitize and cleanse the entire facility on a regular basis?
When you walk around the program does it smell fresh and clean?


  • Parent Partnership

How involved do you feel you will be with your child’s experience in the program?
What kind of constant communication does the center promise?
How open are the teachers and staff about talking with you?
Are they willing to share information about your child’s activities daily?

  • Health & Safety Features

Do all entries and exits provide controlled access?
Are there established fire alarms/security systems/evacuation procedures posted?
Is there stable fencing surrounding the entire facility?
Is there a well-established health and safety program?
Is a health check performed every morning by each child’s teacher to look for signs and symptoms of illness?
Have all staff members and teachers had background checks?

  • Floor Plan

Does the center layout allow for constant sight and sound contract with your child?
Is the childcare classroom configuration one that promotes safe learning and encourages creativity?