Happy Easter My Friends!

Here is April Peak!


Circle Time: Children will be learning the letters Y and Z. Teachers will help children identify different items that start with the letters. Children will play a Guessing Game by hearing the sound of each word. Later in the month we will learn all about Outer Space and our Solar System. The more we learn about the Earth we live in the better we can take care of it. Earth Day is going to be so much fun.

Math: Missing Eggs,  Egg Color pattern and Number Bags.

Teacher will make different patterned eggs and have children match up correct pattern. Then they will place the egg in the right patterned bag.

Sensory/Science: Yogurt Painting, Taste things that are Yummy and Yucky, Moon Carter Drop, Z id for Zipper, Zucchini Meat Loaf Muffins,  Pretzel Treats, Yogurt Dip with Fruit and Jar Match up Lids.

Children are going to get very messy this month so make sure children wear clothes that are ok to have fun with sticky and icky textures.

Social Emotional Learning:

Week:1 and 2 Working Together

Week: 3  All about Feelings

Week: 4 Expressions

Week: 5  Friend Tree


The Date


Bunny Pokey

Hunting for Eggs

Calendar Song

The Yak

Mr. Sun and Mr. Moon

I’m a little Rocket

Clap your Hands

Zip a Dee Doo Dah Zip

Color Song

I have something in my Pocket

Oh, Who are the People in Your Neighborhood

5 Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Zoo Song

Weather Song

Show me Ten

Garden 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

Movement: Pebble Chase, Egg Rolls, Sponge Comets, Space Ship Fun, Moon Walk, Zebra Bowling, Zig zag car race, Octopus Tag, Musical Spots, Gorilla Race, Animal Dance, Noodle Toss, Garden Sprouts and Noodle Balloon Balls.

Art: Letter Y and Z Cards, Yum-Yum tree, Blown Eggs craft, Letter Y and Z sticks and Yarn, Solar System, Telescopes, Moon and Stars crafts, Chalk drawing, Foot Print Mural, Snap Painting,  Straw-Blown Pictures, Favorite Zoo Animal, Pet Rocks, Sun Prints, Number Chains and ABC Collage.

Dramatic Play: Outer Space Fun.

Wow this month is going to be so much fun! Don’t miss out and come all month long!

Check back next week for Ideas for Earth Day Fun!