Me and my Daughter enjoying time together in Jerome, AZ

Hello Everyone,

My name is Lindsey Anair. I am the lead teacher in the Pre-K
classroom, here at VCCLC. I will also be guiding you through this year on
our Valley Blog.

Before we jump into this year’s activities, I just wanted
to take some time and introduce myself to you. I am married with a
daughter who is nine years old. I am originally from Lakeland, Florida
and have lived in Miami, Fort Bragg, North Carolina and Ebony, Virginia.
My husband is from Phoenix, Arizona. We met in North Carolina and
returned to Phoenix in 2008 when he left the military. I have 13 years
of teaching experience with children of all ages, but I have found
my true love to be in four and five year old student.
I was previously homeschooling my daughter and last year was her first
year in public school. She is so excited to return this year and I am equally
as excited for the new experiences she will have.
Here on our Blog I will update you on the monthly Curriculum, Activities and
Projects for you to do at home as well. I hope that you will enjoy our Blog
and will find it very helpful as we move along through this year. Feel free
to ask questions or add your opinions to the blog posts. I will do my best
to help you and your family this year!

Be Blessed!

Mrs. Lindsey Anair (Valley Girl)