I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here is a Peak into February Curriculum.

Circle Time: Identifying items that start with letters T & U. Teachers will introduce the triangle shape, the color blue and the number 8. Towards the end of the month children will learn about different sea creatures, Turtles and insects.


Math: Blindfold eights, Triangle Pebble game and How many T’s and U’s can you find.

Sensory/Science: Silly Holes, Wood Sculptures, Triangle Fun, Blue Goop, Paper Confetti, Beaded Hearts, Water Scene, Magnetic Fishing, Sand Boxes, Insects Tables and Ant diet.

Social Emotional:

Week 1: Thumbprints (Explore one of a kindness)

Week 2: Handshakes (Special Handshake between friends)

Week 3: Making a Band (Sweet Music)

Week 4: Teach Me (Share a Special Skill)


Old MacDonald had a letter.

Dance your fingers up.

Tap, Tap your Fingers.

T is for Turtle

Triangle Song

Circle’s like a ball.

Eight is Great!

Valentines are made to share.

I’m a little valentine Red and White

Five little sea creatures On the ocean floor.

Eight is Great.

Ladybug Fly

Oh, The Ants are Busy

Movement: Sponge toss, T is for twirl, Turtle Crawl, Shape jumps, Triangle tunnel dance, Hula hooping,  U is for Up and Under Hokey Pokey,  U is for under the underpass and  Fishy Pokey, Bee Tag.

Cooking: Tiny Triangle Tacos, Edible Ant Hill and Lady Bug Snack.

Dramatic Play: Bakery Shop