Affordable Toddler Child Care in Phoenix

pink-polka-dot-girl-with-girl-in-pink-shirtSince 1967, the mission of Valley Child Care & Learning Centers has always been to offer exceptional preschool and child care solutions for families living in and around Phoenix. Our dependable toddler care and education program provides the opportunity to learn and interact with others inside our friendly, fun-filled early childhood learning centers. Toddlers thrive when they experience new things, and our safe, nurturing, and educationally rewarding atmosphere allows them to learn and develop at their natural pace and on their own terms.

With 10, state-of-the-art locations in the Phoenix Valley, our toddler daycare program is offered as an outlet for children who are beginning to make sense of the world around them. During this formative time in their lives, toddlers are attempting to think through their feelings and actions, address and solve problems, and understand emotions and body language.

Our Valley Child Care & Learning Centers staff loves to help toddlers discover and explore their new surroundings. We do so through a variety of educational toys and learning activities that allow your child to start preparing for their future. Given that this period of rapid growth and early development typically sees youngsters trying to process the different words and sounds they hear, we read books aloud and sing nursery rhymes and songs to help expand their communication skills. Our family owned and operated centers offer many benefits, such as:

  • Competitive daily and weekly rates
  • Thorough background checks prior to any staff employment
  • CPR- and first-aid-certified staff
  • Dance, music, and gymnastics programs
  • A fun, immersive, age-appropriate curriculum
  • Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks
  • Low registration fee
  • Soothing and stress-free integration techniques for toddlers.
  • Child care facilities fitted with TV cameras and modern security equipment
  • Daily reports detailing your child’s progress, including information about their eating and napping routines as well as how well they relate and cooperate with adults and children

Thanks to our compassionate teachers, your toddler will be nurtured and guided in a positive way through our high-quality child care services. Our team works hard to create and develop strong, long-lasting bonds, and we are dedicated to supporting your toddler’s needs to increase their knowledge and bolster their self-confidence. We love utilizing fun games and sensory activities to educate and entertain children while simultaneously honing their motor skills and improving eye-hand coordination.

To learn more about our toddler program, please contact Valley Child Care & Learning Centers today to schedule a tour of one of our early learning facilities!