1. How to Help Your Child Feel Better When They Are Sick

    Now that fall is officially in full swing, you have many things to look forward to with your child — the first day of school, fall activities like apple picking, and Halloween! However, one aspect of the fall season that you may not be looking forward to is your child getting sick. As a parent, you hate seeing your kiddo feel lousy, and you want to do everything you can to help them feel better …Read More

  2. What to Look For in a Child Care Facility

    As a parent, you are always looking out for your child, whether it be for their safety, their nutrition, or even looking for new experiences for them to grow and learn. The same idea applies when you begin your search for a daycare center or preschool. You want to be sure that you choose the best possible place for your child, where they can receive as many enriching opportunities as possible in a…Read More

  3. Best Splash Pads in Phoenix

    Arizona summer can be long and hot, so it is the perfect time of year for you and your toddler, preschooler or school-age child to enjoy outdoor play in a splash park.  Many of the parks offer shooting, swirling and squirting water features, which makes it a lot of fun!  Most of the splash pads are free, or if there is a charge, it is minimal, some starting at $1.00.  No matter where you live …Read More

  4. Television & Toddlers

    We’ve recently talked about how to best utilize tablets and technology for your children and the contributions they can make to your children’s education. Utilizing screens properly can be beneficial for children, but often television is still seen as the big bad of this technological takeover. Like anything, there are good and bad sides to toddlers and television intake. Today, we want to tak…Read More

  5. Handling Your Children’s Medication

    When sending your child to preschool or early learning, you never know exactly what will go on during the day. There are always unknowns when your eyes are not on your kids at all times, including the potential for allergic reactions or other medical issues. If your child has medication they need to take, it is crucial that your child care center or preschool is communicated with and given the rig…Read More

  6. When Should Your Child Start Learning an Instrument?

    Often, when deciding some of the early hobbies and activities your child will participate in, one of the first that comes to mind is musical instruments. Mozart and other prolific child musicians inspire thoughts of grandeur and great early success for young artists, but even if your child doesn’t end up in the Philharmonic by the ripe age of ten, learning an instrument and fostering musical ski…Read More

  7. Instruments Boost Skills

    The team at Valley Learning Center loves to encourage our wonderful preschoolers and early learners to take up any and all hobby they might find interesting. Whether your youngster wants to be the next Ken Griffey, Jr. or is more akin to Eric Clapton, there isn’t really a wrong choice when it comes to their early interests. If you find yourself parenting a self-proclaimed instrument virtuoso, yo…Read More

  8. Multivitamins for Kids

    Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Maybe your kiddo is dealing with a dietary restriction such as lactose intolerance or a gluten sensitivity. If so, they are probably facing the dilemma of not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals in their diet. From strong teeth and flexible joints to overall health, children benefit greatly from a diet that is high in nutrients they need for the…Read More

  9. Helping Your Child Choose a Hobby

    Helping your child discover his or her talents and interests is a fun journey that can culminate in a lifelong affection for a certain hobby. Often times children find an affinity for baseball or soccer, attach themselves to an instrument and immerse themselves in music, or they may have an inclination towards both. As a parent, you may be curious if one is better than the other in terms of your c…Read More