1. Handling Your Children’s Medication

    When sending your child to preschool or early learning, you never know exactly what will go on during the day. There are always unknowns when your eyes are not on your kids at all times, including the potential for allergic reactions or other medical issues. If your child has medication they need to take, it is crucial that your child care center or preschool is communicated with and given the rig…Read More

  2. Multivitamins for Kids

    Do you have a picky eater on your hands? Maybe your kiddo is dealing with a dietary restriction such as lactose intolerance or a gluten sensitivity. If so, they are probably facing the dilemma of not getting enough of certain vitamins and minerals in their diet. From strong teeth and flexible joints to overall health, children benefit greatly from a diet that is high in nutrients they need for the…Read More