Even young children and toddlers can benefit from the mass quantity of technology that now consumes our lives on a daily basis!  There are so many features to the new educational software that make learning an exciting and fun adventure!  Developers and computer experts are constantly working together to develop literally thousands of interactive games and apps for small children and toddlers that will keep them engaged, help with better hand-eye coordination and well-developed fine motor skills. 

Here is but a small list of the most popular apps that combine education and fun for your little one:

  1. “Pat the Bunny” is a remake of the 1940’s children’s book as an interactive reading environment.  It’s built for both Apple and Android tablets, allowing your child to be a character of the book and participate in the Easter egg hunt.  Don’t forget to check out the coloring activities!
  2. Download “PianoBall” to teach your preschooler music creativity.  Your child will be drawn to the colorful keyboard, and they can check out how different instruments play different sounds.  It’s a great music-oriented app and colorful tool to keep their attention.
  3. When you download “Potty Time with Elmo”, you can begin potty training in a whole new way! The incredibly popular Sesame Street character will help your toddler with this big step of using the “big kid potty” by using songs, puzzles and even animated stickers.
  4. The “Drawing Pad” App helps your child explore and begin to use their inner creativity. On this app they can use realistic crayons, markers and even paint brushes to create a virtually unlimited number of manuscripts!

Again, these are just a few of the apps available to entertain and educate your young child. Downloading these and apps that are similar will allow your child to explore a whole new world!