1. 5 Fun Things to do with Kids in Phoenix

    As parents, sometimes it can be hard to find fun, valuable outings for kids to do outside of the house. On our days off, it seems so easy to stay at home and let the kids play, and so much harder to find something worth taking the kids out for. At Valley Child Care, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas, so we made a list of our favorite places in Phoenix for a fun …Read More

  2. Five Easy Tips for Messy Playtime

    Children, especially young children, are messy. It’s almost a given that in any situation, if a mess can be made, it will be. (Who said that? Aristotle?) This makes some parents and teachers reluctant to provide kids with materials that could make a truly monumental mess, even if these same materials are part of a fun, creative, and educational project. (more…)…Read More

  3. The Best Activities for Growing Minds

    The first two years of your child’s life are considered the most critical time for brain development. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under the age of two not watch any television, and that those over the age of two watch a maximum amount of 1 to 2 hours of television per day. There are a variety of different games and activities that your child can engage in to feed thei…Read More

  4. Valley Learning Center offers curriculum for all ages

    At Valley Learning Center we understand the importance of age-appropriate education and its role in the success of your child’s growth and development. As children grow, it’s important to keep them consistently challenged and engaged with toys, games and activities that will keep their minds and bodies active. We offer a variety of developmentally-appropriate educational tools that will prepar…Read More

  5. The role of good nutrition in a child’s life

    Over the past decade, many of us have heard startling reports of the childhood obesity epidemic. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 1 in 3 children in America are overweight or obese and many are not receiving the recommended amounts of fruits, vegetables and vital nutrients that keep kids healthy. This is especially important as proper nutrition is crucial for healthy physical and m…Read More