Now that spring has officially arrived and the weather is finally starting to get warmer, it’s time to start encouraging your little ones to go outside and play. You may think that going outside after being cooped up all winter long would be appealing, but when there are snacks, video games, and television indoors, children may be hesitant to go outside and play. In today’s post, we will give you a few helpful tips and tricks that will encourage your little ones to go outside.

At Valley Child Care & Learning Centers, we are always looking for new ways to challenge our students through learning and exploration. We believe that a strong early childhood education is a great way to encourage a life of learning and prepare your little ones for the future. We offer a curriculum that is designed with your child’s learning abilities in mind, and we work hard to provide them with many opportunities to learn and grow. Find out more about our program, and schedule a tour at one of 10 locations throughout Phoenix.

Be a Role Model

It’s no surprise that children model most of their behavior after their parents, from brushing their teeth and choosing their clothes to eating habits. If you’re struggling to get your little one to go outside and play, then you may want to take a look at your own actions. When was the last time you went outside for pleasure? How do you use your free time? If most of your free time is spent indoors in front of a screen, then you may be the reason your child isn’t going outside. Instead of getting frustrated over their behavior, take it upon yourself to be a good role model. Make the decision to take a walk outside and invite your little one to come along. Ask them if they want to go with you to the park, or ask for their assistance on an outdoor project! The activity doesn’t matter as much as getting outside and spending time together.

Plant Some Flowers

Planting flowers and tending to your garden is a common spring activity, and many gardeners spend much of their weekend preparing their garden for summer. If you are someone who enjoys gardening, or even just cleaning up the yard, then why not encourage your little one to give you a hand? There are many benefits to asking your child to help you in the garden, in addition to getting them to come outside for a few hours. For example, planting seeds, watering and caring for them, and watching them grow, will help your little one learn more about life and responsibility. Your kiddo may even feel a sense of pride for helping a flower boom.

Organize an Outdoor Play Date

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to persuade your little one into going outside, especially if they use the fact that their friends get to stay indoors and play as an excuse. If you’re having trouble convincing your kiddo that time spent outdoors is good for them, then planning an outdoor play date with all of their friends may be a good solution!

Talk to the parents of your child’s friends and invite everyone to a local park for the afternoon. The children can run around and play on the playground equipment, and you can finish out the afternoon with a picnic lunch or dinner.

Make Nightly Walks a Part of Your Routine

If you try to encourage your little one to go outside out of the blue, then they may be more hesitant to follow through. The key to getting your kiddo to enjoy playing outside is to make it a habit. The best way to do this, and to get everyone involved, is to make nightly walks after dinner a part of your routine. Once you’ve all finished dinner and cleaned the dishes, head outside for some fresh air. Walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the fresh air before you head home and get ready for bed. If you’re still having trouble convincing your kiddo, then give them the option of bringing a bike or a scooter on the walk to make it more fun!

Visit Valley Child Care & Learning Centers

Exploration and imagination are a large part of our early childhood education program at Valley Child Care & Learning Centers, and a lot can be learned from the outdoors. If you would like to learn more about our programs, or you have questions about our policies, contact Valley Child Care & Learning Centers, and schedule a tour of one of our 10 locations today!

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