If you are like the many individuals that work towards a New Year’s resolution, you may have noticed that these resolutions are often unrealistic, or are such a monumental task that they are never started in the first place. From losing weight and eating healthy to quitting smoking and being more frugal with money, there are countless New Year’s resolutions that are never truly followed through to completion. In fact, in a study released by the University of Scranton, it was found that just eight percent of people actually fulfill their New Year’s resolution. This is a shocking statistic, especially when considering that more than 40 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. However, there is one New Year’s resolution that is easy to stick with: Providing your little one with the quality child care services they deserve.

At Valley Child Care & Learning Centers, we are dedicated to helping your child develop socially, cognitively, and emotionally, and that starts with proven curriculum taught in a safe and secure environment. With 10 unique locations in areas such as Glendale, Phoenix, Anthem, Surprise, and Chandler, we make it easy for parents to find high-quality child care services in their area. Valley Learning Center has remained as a family-owned-and-operated business for more than 50 years, and has helped children throughout Arizona grow and learn alongside their peers. Learn why you should consider enrolling your child in one of Valley Learning Center’s child care programs by reading more below.

Staffed By Professionals

One of the main reasons that we have continued to remain as the top child care and learning center in Arizona is due to the fact that we are staffed by qualified and caring professionals. All of our directors possess an extensive background in early childhood education and are dedicated to helping shape the young minds of Arizona’s many different communities. In fact, many of our facility’s directors have children themselves, and understand the importance of quality education early on in a child’s life. This makes Valley Learning Centers an exceptional resource for parents who are wanting the best for their little one.

History In the Arizona Community

In 1967, Valley Child Care and Learning Centers opened its doors for the first time in history. We were founded on one key principle which remains true to this day: to make children smile. We are able to do this by giving all children a welcoming and friendly space where they can explore their social boundaries, take part in fun tasks designed to develop their motor skills, and learn how to be kind to others during activities like sharing time. Our longstanding commitment to the communities throughout Arizona have allowed us to become a DES-certified child care provider, meaning that we have been contracted by the state of Arizona to offer the highest quality of education to the many children in our communities.

Nutritional Snacks

Valley Child Care & Learning Centers offers breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all of our children because we know that your little one requires more than just mental stimulation. In fact, nutritional food can be just as beneficial for your child’s cognitive development as it is for his or her’s physical development. That’s why parents can easily view our sample menu, so they can be sure that their child is receiving the nutritional food they need to grow into strong and healthy adolescents.

We know that it can be difficult to leave your child at a learning facility while you are away at work, which is why we do everything in our power to offer the most in both safety and security. Some of the ways that we ensure the safety of all children that attend Valley Learning Center is by implementing stringent employee requirements within our program, such as:

First aid and CPR. We require that all Valley Learning Center employees receive their first aid and CPR certification, so that all children that attend our child care facilities are in safe and caring hands. As you most likely know, children are often at a greater risk of choking on food or small items, which is why we carefully monitor your little one’s activity throughout the day.

Security Cameras. While security cameras are essential for keeping strangers from entering or exiting our learning centers, we have also placed security cameras in each one of our classrooms so that your child is kept safe at all times. We do this to ensure that your child is getting along with his or her classmates and that all of our teachers are treating each of his or her students with kindness and respect.  

Fingerprinting and background checks. As we stated previously, we only select the candidates that we are confident can provide the most value to your child’s personal development. As such, we fingerprint and run background checks on every one of our potential employees to provide our parents with the peace of mind that they deserve.

If you are looking for an easy New Year’s resolution for 2018 that will benefit both you and your child, consider getting in touch with our staff to learn more about Valley Learning Centers. We know that our child care services will exceed your expectations by offering the proven curriculum designed to help grow your little one’s mind. Visit our website today to schedule your free tour, or to enroll your child in one of our learning facilities. We look forward to meeting you and your kiddo!