Helping your child discover his or her talents and interests is a fun journey that can culminate in a lifelong affection for a certain hobby. Often times children find an affinity for baseball or soccer, attach themselves to an instrument and immerse themselves in music, or they may have an inclination towards both. As a parent, you may be curious if one is better than the other in terms of your child’s development, practicing lifelong skills, and what social interactions they will be exposed to early on. Today, Valley Learning Centers wants to take a look at why parents might be conflicted on which way to steer their children and what factors should be considered beforehand.

What Emphasis Are You Aiming for?

It’s no secret that hand-eye coordination and motor skills are critical for success in life. Functioning well physically can be beneficial in numerous activities and can also contribute to a healthy brain function. On the other hand, starting hobbies that promote healthy and strong cognitive skills can create new connections in the brain a child wouldn’t otherwise acquire, such as those made from learning piano or violin. While sports and music both present quality benefits, they do have their differences.

Your Child’s Input and Interests are Important

Of course we discuss your child’s interests and hobbies because, as a parent or guardian, you want to send them down the best path possible. With that said, your child’s input is important when it comes to deciding the extra curricular activity or after school program in which they will be involved. Preschool learning is only a piece of the early childhood education puzzle, as activities and interests will occupy the rest of a child’s time. Be sure to include your child in the decision-making process, while not necessarily letting them make all of the decisions. It can be helpful to strongly encourage taking piano lessons for a while yet also allowing them to choose a sport or other hobby to take up during their other days of the week.

If you notice your son or daughter really enjoying singing, getting them involved with vocal lessons can be beneficial because they may not know that is available to them or know they wanted to get more serious with it. If your youngster has an affinity for dribbling a soccer ball across the front yard, maybe starting little league next season will be right up their alley. Noticing a child’s interests and inclinations can be great indicators as to what hobbies they will enjoy and excel at.

Help Your Child Stick with It

A potential hobby in sports, music, or elsewhere are always great options for children. However, kids have a tendency to get bored quickly and want to explore other things. This can be especially problematic if it comes in the middle of basketball season or three months into a six month set of violin lessons. They may be ready to explore the trumpet or pick up a bat rather than finishing the activity in which they are already involved. This is a great opportunity to teach your children the importance of finishing the things they start. Sure, their musical after school program may not be their favorite, but the lasting effect of quitting can be even worse. If children learn at an early age that they can just drop something when they are disinterested or frustrated, it can have negative repercussions when it comes to their education or work life later on.

Valley Learning Centers encourages all parents to get their children involved in after school programs, little league sports, musical lessons, or anything to get them up and active. If you are looking for the right starting point in early childhood education, preschool, or daycare, be sure to check out one of our 10 locations in the Phoenix area. We are Arizona’s finest early learning and daycare center, and we can’t wait to work with you!