Fall is finally here, and while that means the beginning of the school year for your kiddo, it also means that you have to take advantage of the cooler weather before it is gone. The fall season presents many different opportunities to spend time outside, from picking apples to finding the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. In today’s post, we will provide you with a few great ideas of things that you can do with your little one so that you can take advantage of all that fall has to offer!

When it comes time to start school, you want to ensure that your child goes to a school that provides them with everything they need to learn and explore new things. At Valley Child Care and Learning Centers, we’ve created a curriculum that is designed to challenge your child while also providing them with the opportunity to grow as a person. When you enroll in our early childhood education program, your child will make new friends, experience new activities, and have fun! Learn more about the policies and programs on our website, and contact one of our 10 convenient locations in Phoenix.

Visit a Corn Maze

Nothing says fall like getting lost in a corn maze. While the idea of walking around in a field of corn may not sound very appealing, your little one will love the idea of walking through the maze and trying to find their way out. Many local farms will offer corn mazes during the fall months, as well as a variety of other activities. In addition to corn mazes, you can often find places that have games, animals, and apple orchards. With so many fun activities to enjoy, you can spend the entire day wandering around the farm!

Fall Arts and Crafts

If your child likes to draw and do other arts and crafts, fall is the perfect time to create some beautiful art pieces. With the leaves changing color, you can easily collect some of the items that you will use in your projects right in your own backyard! Take your child for a walk outside and look for sticks, pine cones, or leaves that you can use for your art project. For example, you can turn pinecones into cute little hedgehogs by gluing on some felt for the ears and face. You can also cut an apple in half and use it as a stamp when you dip it in paint. For a really cool effect, cut the apple in half horizontally to reveal the star hidden in the center.

Go to the Zoo

Your child may have begged you to go to the zoo during the summer, but walking around in the heat may have kept you from going. Now that the temperature outside is cooling off, it’s the perfect time to visit your local zoo and check out some of the animals! The cooler weather will make a day at the zoo more manageable, and you’re also more likely to see more animals out and about. There’s no question that your little one will love walking around looking at animals they may not have the opportunity to see anywhere else, and it’s a great opportunity to get them out of the house! You can even take the chance to make the zoo a learning experience by looking up a few facts about some of the animals that you plan on seeing.

Bake Fall Treats

As a parent, you may not find many opportunities to bake treats with little ones in the house. You have to juggle your attention between following a recipe and making sure your kiddo stays out of trouble, which can make the process less enjoyable. Instead of encouraging your child to find something else to keep them busy while you bake, invite them to help you make treats that the entire family will enjoy. You can assign them small tasks that are difficult to mess up, such as pouring the already measured ingredients into the bowl. Your little one will love feeling included, and the process will most likely be more enjoyable for you as well!

Enroll Your Child at Valley Child Care and Learning Centers

With fall comes the start of the school year, and you want to be sure that your child is getting an education from one of the best. At Valley Child Care and Learning Centers, our early childhood education programs will provide your little one with numerous opportunities to grow, learn, and explore. Get started by browsing our website and give us a call to schedule a walk-through of one of our facilities today!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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