Finding a Phoenix splash pad your family loves can be a lifesaver during the Summer! Visiting a splash pad near you as a way to spend the afternoon or play together as a family helps everyone stay cool and safe during the scorching Phoenix temperatures! No matter where you are in Phoenix, there’s sure to be a splash pad nearby!

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What Children Learn During A Visit To The Splashpad

As a parent, you may watch your child enjoying the splash pad and not realize all the connections their making! An environment such as a splash pad presents an opportunity for children to learn about cause and effect through the on and off switches for the fountains, the different pressures in the water, the temperature changes they feel and the reactions they’ll see while playing with their friends. These opportunities also give families a chance to practice language development.

Best Splash Pads In Phoenix

Splash Pad Safety Tips

While splash pads are generally a significantly safer option for children than a swimming pool there are still many guidelines that should be followed closely.

A Visit To The Splash Pad Is A Sensory Experience!

Visiting the splash pad can provide an unmatched sensory experience for your toddler or preschooler. If you are visiting during a time where the park isn’t very busy it can be fun to bring along some items for your little one to explore with in the water. Some great ideas include –

  • Measuring cups / spoons / kitchen utensils (You can pick these up at the dollar store and set aside a set that is only used at the splash pad!)

  • Beach toys such as buckets, shovels and other items that can be filled or interact with water

  • Inflatable beach balls

  • Goggles

Sun Safety While At The Splash Pad

Little ones having fun easily forget to stop and take a drink of water. Ensure you’ve brought enough water for everyone in your group and encourage toddlers and preschoolers to take a break often for a drink!

Best Splash Pads In Phoenix
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Make Sure To Re-Apply Sunscreen When Visiting The Splash Pad

Even sunscreens that are high in SPF must be reapplied often. Take a look at Environment Working Group’s List of Best Scoring Sunscreens for Kids for help choosing a safe sunscreen option for your toddler or preschooler!

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Best Splash Pads In Phoenix
Best Splash Pads In Phoenix
Best Splash Pads In Phoenix