Your little one’s first day of child care is a monumental day for both you and your kiddo. However, your little one may be apprehensive when it comes time for their big day without you. From meeting new people to being without their family, there are a number of reasons why children can feel uncomfortable in foreign environments. That’s why, in part two of our multi-part series, we will be talking about a few more of the ways that you can set your kiddo up for success during their first day at child care.

At Valley Learning Center, we are committed to helping your kiddo grow and succeed amongst his or her peers. We have several learning facilities located throughout Arizona ranging from Tempe and El Mirage to Glendale and Phoenix, and we ensure that each facility is staffed with qualified and caring individuals. As a family-owned-and-operated child care facility, we have provided the top child care services to Arizona residents since 1967. Valley Learning Centers makes it easy for all future enrollees to view our rates and services as well as our proven curriculum, which can be found directly on our website. Learn how you can ease your little one’s child care worries by reading more below.

Arrive Early To Your Child Care Provider

An easy way to alleviate any worries that your kiddo may be experiencing is by arriving early to the daycare facility. This will give your little one extra time to become familiar with their surroundings while you accompany them. Not only can this help relieve your child’s tension, it can also help to show your little one that you are also comfortable with the facility’s environment, making them less likely to worry. Once it is time for you to leave, confidently say goodbye to your child while letting them know that they are going to have fun with their peers!

Let Your Child Know That Their Feelings Are Valid

While you can do everything in your power to make your child feel comfortable in a new setting, sometimes their emotions can take precedence over your efforts. If you feel like this may be the case, let your little one know that the feelings that they are experiencing are completely normal. By showing your kiddo that they can overcome their emotions, you can help to build your kiddo’s character for future endeavors that may test their emotions. However, failing to properly address your child’s emotional needs could cause problems later down the road.

Make Up For Lost Time

Instead of picking up your child from daycare and turning on the TV when you get home, consider spending extra quality time with your child. Your little one will need the extra one-on-one time to tell you about his or her day, or will want to simply bond with you to feel the sense of comfort and security that they require. Neglecting your little one’s needs could further validate their worries, causing them to dread going to child care each day.

Be On Time

As we mentioned previously, children are strongly susceptible to uncertainty. This is one of the main reasons that your little one may be fearing child care in the first place. However, after a long day of meeting new people, your child may become worried if you aren’t there to pick them up on time. This is why you should consider taking a little extra time out of your day to arrive early to your little one’s child care facility, so that they won’t begin to worry that you forgot to pick them up.

We hope that you enjoyed our multi-part series on how you can help to ease any worry that your little one may be having about child care. If you would like to get your child familiar with one of our 10 unique locations, get in touch with one of our staff members today! We know that our learning centers will exceed your expectations, and we even post our curriculum and daily meals directly on our website for your peace of mind. To enroll your little on in one of our before or after-school programs, or to learn more about our rates and services, visit our website today.