If your little one is just beginning to experience daily child care with his or her peers, you may have noticed that your kiddo is having difficulty adjusting to this new lifestyle. Whether they’re experiencing separation anxiety or finding them uncomfortable around a number of new faces, there are many legitimate reasons why your child could be having a hard time getting used to childcare. However, there are many different ways that you can help your little one grow accustomed to child care, which we will be discussing thoroughly in today’s article.

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Tell Your Child What To Expect

It is no secret that children dislike uncertainty. This fear of uncertainty can become exponentially worse if your little one doesn’t know what their day at childcare entails. For this reason, you should consider sitting down with your little one and outlining what their schedule will look like for the day. This is a great opportunity to get your kiddo excited for fun activities at daycare by emphasizing craft and play time with others who could become your little one’s friends! Failing to talk with your child about what happens at child care could cause them to enter a new environment with fear and anxiety, which can result in an unpleasant experience that they will want to avoid in the future.

Visit The Child Care Facility

An easy way to get your little one to warm up to the idea of child care is by paying a visit to the facility with them before you drop them off for the very first time. Touring your nearby child care facility with an open mind can help your child to see that his or her fears are somewhat irrational. This is an excellent opportunity for your kiddo to meet their teachers so that they don’t feel alone when you drop them off for their first day of child care.

Stick To A Schedule

Getting your little one into the routine of waking up and going to bed at reasonable times can help them get used to a new schedule that they will soon become familiar with. Not only will this help your little one build beneficial habits, it will also ensure that they receive the appropriate amount of sleep that their growing body requires. Ample sleep is not just important for cognitive functioning, but it can also help your little one develop both physically and emotionally.

Get Them Excited for Their First Day!

Instilling excitement in your little one can do much to alleviate any worries that they may have of attending daycare. An easy way that you can help your kiddo get excited about daycare is by purchasing a new item for them such as new school clothes or a new backpack. By rewarding your little one for being open to new experiences, you can help them feel less scared when it comes time for their first day of child care.

These are just a few simple ways that you and your child can prepare for child care. We know that your kiddo will love the exciting activities offered at Valley Learning Center, and we encourage all prospective parents to request a tour at one of our 10 unique locations. If you would like more information on our daycare services, or would simply like to review our curriculum or meal menu, get in touch with our staff or visit our website today. Stay tuned for part two of our multi-part series, where we will look at a few more ways you can help your little one become familiar with childcare. We look forward to meeting you and your little one!