When it comes time to drop your kiddo off for the first time at a daycare center, you and your little one may struggle with parting ways for the day. While we listed a few ways that you can ease your little one’s worries in our previous articles, you may not know how to cope while away from your child. The feelings that you may be experiencing are completely justified, however, there are many different ways that you can minimize the emotions that you may be feeling. Today, we will talk about just a few of the many ways that parents cope while leaving their little one at a childcare facility.

Since 1967, Valley Learning Center has been the top choice for families seeking the best child care services in Arizona. We have 10 unique locations throughout countless communities of Arizona including Tempe, Phoenix, El Mirage, and much more. Parents choose Valley Learning Center because all of our facilities are staffed by compassionate individuals that have been extensively screened before being hired on at one of our centers. If you are looking for the best ways that you can deal with the daycare blues, continue reading more on the subject below.

Research Before Enrolling Your Child

One of the easiest ways that you can rest assured that your child is in good hands is by doing your research beforehand of nearby daycare facilities. Consider touring multiple child care facilities before making your decision, so that you can be confident that you are sending your little one to the best daycare facility possible. While touring your nearby daycare centers, be prepared to ask the staff important questions such as, “do all of your employees undergo background checks before being hired?” These type of questions can help you immensely when it comes time to decide where to send your little one to daycare.

Drop In On Your Little One

If you find that your kiddo is having a difficult time adjusting to such a drastic lifestyle change, you can surprise him or her by planning a time to drop in at your daycare center of choice. We realize that many parents and children have a difficult time away from their family, which is why at Valley Learning Centers, we allow all parents to drop in at any time throughout the day so they can see how their little one is doing. During this time, you can surprise your kiddo with one of their favorite toys, or sit down with them to have a quick snack before leaving. We want your child to feel as comfortable as possible at Valley Learning Centers, which is why we offer the leading childcare services designed to help him or her have fun in a welcoming environment.

Allow Your Child Time To Adjust

Although your child may not adapt immediately to their newfound environment, it is important to allow them enough time to adjust to these monumental changes. Your kiddo may cry before or after being left at child care, but this is a normal stage of the process that can take days or even weeks to completely pass. For this reason, you should be accommodating of your child’s tears while letting them know that it is okay to be experiencing the emotions that they are feeling. After a few weeks, your little one will become accustomed to daycare, and may even make several friends that they can’t wait to see every day!

Saying Goodbye

While it can be difficult to part ways with your little one for the day, it is important to keep your goodbyes succinct, as drawing out your goodbye can cause your child to become more emotional the longer you wait to leave. To help your kiddo adjust to their new environment, try creating a fun way to say goodbye so that they aren’t saddened when you leave.

At Valley Learning Center, we are committed to helping your child feel at home in an exciting and engaging setting where they can make new friendships while developing mentally, emotionally, and physically. To learn more about any of our services, or to schedule your tour of one of our facilities, contact our team of friendly professionals today!