If you take your child to a local daycare, you probably realize the importance of sending your child with both delicious and nutritious snacks. While growing children may only seek the food that tastes best to them, it is important to keep in mind that nutrition plays a key role in determining your child’s mental and physical health during their developmental stages. Providing your child with snacks that contain nutritional value is a great first step in ensuring that your kiddo receives the minerals and vitamins that he or she needs to grow strong and healthy. That’s why, in part two of our multi-part series on snacking, we will highlight a few healthy snacks that you can send with your child to daycare, so that you can be sure that he or she receives a sufficient amount of nutrients throughout the day.

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Ants On a Log

If there was a classic kids’ snack that provided both nutrition and delicious flavors, ants on a log would be it. You can make ants on a log easily by spreading peanut butter inside of a celery stalk and then topping the peanut butter with raisins. Best of all, many children love ants on a log because it gives them a chance to play with their food in a harmless manner. By tying story into a traditional kids’ snack, your child will be more receptive to the idea of eating healthy food without you forcing it upon him or her.

If your child has an allergy to peanut butter or has other nut-based allergies, you can easily substitute peanut butter with another kind of spread such as cream cheese or ricotta cheese. To show your child the importance of healthy foods, you can even have your little one help you by telling him or her fictional stories about the ants on a log while you create a fun-filled snack.

String Cheese

String Cheese is a great snack to take on a go, especially for children who suffer from dairy allergies. Since cheese is low in lactose, it can usually be eaten by children who have lactose intolerances without any ill effects. This is a great way for children to receive an ample amount of healthy fats while enjoying a delicious snack that also packs protein. Since children love to play with their food on occasion, string cheese makes an excellent snack for children while leaving little to no mess.

String cheese is unique when compared to other snacks, as it can be pulled apart little by little. You can even challenge your little one to see how small of a strand they can peel away from his or her string cheese. This will make their snack last even longer while preoccupying their active lifestyle. To make your little one’s snack experience even more exciting, you can even purchase swirled string cheese that is composed of multiple cheeses. Your child will love seeing colorful food in wild designs, which can help to teach him or her about how diverse food truly is.

Cheese, Meat, and Crackers

Since children are builders and tinkerers, many kiddos love to create in every aspect of their life. This is one of the reasons you will find your child playing with his or her food more often than not. Luckily, instead of your children creating messes with sloppy food, you can allow them to still play with their snacks with the use of cheese, meat, and crackers. This snack is virtually mess-free, save for the cracker crumbs, and can be customized to your child’s liking.

Begin by talking with your child to find what kinds of meats and cheeses he or she likes most. This is a great time for your kiddo to try new food while keeping an open mind to the many different types of meats and cheeses there are to experience. You can then begin building fun snacks with your children while teaching them how to make their very own food creations. Once your child begins to take a liking to making their own bite-sized snacks, you can simply send your little one to daycare with a tupperware container filled with small pieces of cheese and meat, while also including a Ziploc bag filled with crackers. Your little one will enjoy feeling responsible enough to assemble snacks, and will have fun while eating custom-made treats.

The three snacks listed above provide a fun eating experience for your kiddo while also supplementing him or her with the proper nutrition that they require to grow and develop as a child. For more delicious snack ideas that your child can bring to daycare, read more on our recommended healthy snacks to bring to daycare. If you are located in Chandler, El Mirage, Anthem, or the surrounding areas of Arizona, register your child with the leading child care and learning center today. Contact Valley Child Care and Learning Centers today for more information!