Making sure your child is enjoying his or her time at daycare is important, and packing healthy and nutritious snacks is essential to your kiddo having plenty of energy to participate in all of the activities of daycare. This post will detail some ideas that will be excellent for your kiddo to enjoy during snacktime and won’t cause a serious sugar crash later on in the day. If you’re ready to enroll your child in daycare at an Arizona early learning center, look no further than Valley Learning Centers. With 10 locations across the state and offering more than 50 years of experience, contact us now to get started or schedule a tour!

Fruits and Veggies

A quick and always nutritious snack, fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to pack and can be easy cut up in bite-sized pieces. Packing fruits and vegetables is also an excellent way to ensure that your kiddo is getting plenty of healthy foods. Try creating a yummy fruit salad with plenty of seasonal ingredients will be sure to be gobbled up, or adding a delicious dip, such as hummus, peanut butter, or a salad dressing, will compliment vegetables perfectly. To ensure that the snacks are fresh, make sure that you use an insulated lunch box or put the snacks in the daycare’s refrigerators.

Protein, Protein, Protein

One of the best ways to give your kiddo energy and endurance during a busy day is to pack snacks that are full of protein. These can include: beef jerky, peanut butter and crackers, edamame, hummus and fresh veggies, pepperoni and cheese slices, yogurt, or mixed nuts and dried fruit. While snacks that are full of carbs, such as crackers, chips, or cookies, are great, they won’t sustain your kiddo and can end up having a serious crash later on in the day. Providing snacks that have some delicious protein options will help your child to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, while enjoying a yummy snack.

Undercover Health

If you have a picky toddler, finding snacking options that aren’t full of sugar or fat can be hard. However, with a little “sleight of hand”, you can create a delicious muffin that’s full of veggies that will be gobbled up! The trick is finding a recipe that has fruit included but packs a punch with a cup or more of shredded vegetables. These veggies can include carrots, zucchini, or even sweet potato! By mixing everything together to make a yummy muffin, your kiddo will think he or she is eating an unhealthy treat but actually is enjoying a healthy snack. Try sending a few of these healthy muffins along with a banana and cut-up carrots and celery for a balanced and healthy snack perfect for daycare.

Mini Pizza

Pizza is a favorite of many children, but it can often be unhealthy. However, you can still send a delicious pizza for a fun snack that is healthier but still yummy. Try using a whole-wheat tortilla for the crust and adding pizza sauce that is made without sugar. Add some reduced-fat cheese and add fresh vegetables and turkey pepperoni. This can either be rolled up into a fun sandwich or baked in an oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and crisp up the whole-wheat tortilla. This is a wonderful snack for a child who is picky or doesn’t like to try new foods. Instead of trying to find snack options that might not be that healthy or nourishing, you can easily make this individual-sized pizza for the kiddo who love pizza and could eat it every day. Once it’s cooled, cut it into small pieces and put it in a container with some fresh fruit and vegetables for a delectable snack that’s healthy and yummy!

Sending healthy and delicious snacks for your son and daughter will help him or her have success in the classroom and during the day at daycare. At Valley Learning Centers, we’re proud to offer incredible early childhood education to all of our students. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our summer or daycare programs, give us a call today! We look forward to working with you!