When you’re packing your child up for daycare, you’re probably unsure of what is really needed in his or her bag. Your first instinct may be to pack everything and then some, or just pack a few things and see what’s needed later on down the road. Well, don’t worry, because this blog will be talking about the ideal daycare packing list for your child. If you’re searching for early childhood education in Arizona, contact Valley Child Care and Learning Center. We’re proud to offer incredible and compassionate child care in 10 locations across Arizona. Call us for more information and to enroll your child today!

Diapers, Wipes, and Underwear

If your son or daughter is still in diapers, make sure you pack enough for the entire day. Many daycares require parents to provide enough diapers for at least two weeks. Check with your daycare first to make sure that you have your bases covered in this department. If your child is potty-trained, extra underwear will be appreciated by the staff in case of accidents. Make sure you put wipes, diaper ointment, and anything else your kiddo may need throughout the day in the bag as well.

Nap Time Necessities

Nap time can be hard at daycare, especially if your son or daughter is unfamiliar with his or her surroundings. Pack a favorite toy or teddy bear, a blanket or pillow from home, and a pacifier. You can also send a fitted sheet or mat cover if the daycare requires one. Make sure that you send a few replacements in case of accidents. When nap time comes, your child will feel more relaxed and be able to get the rest he or she needs knowing that he or she has something familiar from home to use.

Extra Clothes and Shoes

Extra outfits are what parents most often forget but are usually the most needed. Send at least one extra outfit along every day, and also pack another pair of shoes just in case. You can never plan what might happen during the day, and having clean clothes and shoes to change into will ensure that your kiddo isn’t running around in an oversized t-shirt for the rest of the school day. Don’t forget to switch out the clothing with the seasons, especially if you live in an especially cold or hot climate.

Lunches and Snacks

Depending on the daycare where you send your child, you may be required to send snacks and a daily lunch. If you do need to send these items, make sure that you make a lunch that your child loves and send some fun snacks along as well. Clear foods that other students may have allergies to, such as eggs, peanuts, and milk, before you send them just in case there’s any chance of cross-contamination. Don’t forget to include a sippy cup for water, juice, or milk too.

Daycare is a fun place for your son or daughter to learn and thrive. Contact Valley Learning Centers to enroll your child now! We look forward to hearing from you!